Design & Integration

Limited Only by Your Imagination

Mobile TV Group is completely vertically integrated. We build everything in house, from start to finish, unlike anyone else. Starting with CAD designs to the 14,000th connector running through every mobile unit – Emphasis on versatility and work flow efficiency are at each mobile units core.

How To Build A Mobile Unit

Currently building our 47th Mobile Unit – Here is how it’s done.

Start From Scratch

Yup, this is where we start. A completely empty 53′ double expanding room on wheels.


The system integration team begins. Design and purpose is put into every corner of our mobile units. Function, weight, durability, and capability is a key element. Client needs and wants are brought into discussion here, not just when we need a router size.


Special materials are used throughout. You wont find carpet on the walls in our mobile units. Light weight recycled compressed paper makes for light, durable, and comfortable surfaces.


Like we said, everything is custom. Racks are built to the equipment it will hold, not the other way around.


Raw wire is cut and terminated. 14,000 connectors run through each mobile unit. Our full time staff stand behind each wire, from the cut to the connector.

5-4-3-2-1 And We Are LIVE!

The day comes, and a new mobile unit lights up its first show. Millions of viewers get to feel the emotions from the stories our clients tell, and that is what gets us up in the morning. That is our passion.

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